Monday, February 29, 2016

The Wand of Zoom

The Sorceress of Zoom is a dimension-striding villainess who is featured a series of comics/rpg hybrid books from NUELOW Games. Here's d20 System stats for one of the Sorceress's symbols of her mastery of the magical city of Zoom, and one of her most potent magical weapons. (A version of this will be appearing in the forthcoming third Sorceress of Zoom book. Any comments you have are welcomed.)

The following material is presented under the Open Game License and may be reproduced in accordance with it. Copyright 2016 by Steve Miller.

The Wand of Zoom
A symbol of office of the master of the magical city of Zoom, this golden wand is sllghtly longer than one foot in length and topped with the three dimensional version of the Seal of Zoom on its tip. If subjected to *detect magic*, the Wand appears to be a Wand of Lightning with five charges remaining.
   When wielded by the rightful ruler of Zoom (someone who has claimed the Throne of Zoom and has possession of the Crown of Zoom and the Staff of Zoom), the wand grants the following powers -- at a cost:
  * Cast any 1st through 9th level Arcane or Divine Spell with the wand serving as the replacement for any material components needed, except for scrying spells which still require a mirror or pool of still water. You can cast a number of spells equal to your Intelligence bonus each day. The wand drains 100 XP per spell level when the spell is cast.
   * Once per day, transform a living being into an inanimate object of your choosing. The being remains transformed until you will the transformation. The target receives a Fort save (DC18) to not be transformed. If the save succeeds, the creature is subjected to the effect of a Hold Monster spell as if cast by a 20th level caster (no saving throw, although item-based immunities apply). The target remains transformed until a rightful ruler of Zoom uses the want to undo the spell. The target remains aware of his or her surroundings during the transformation and radiates weak transmutation magic if such is detected for. The wand drains 500XP when the attempt to transform a target is made, and 200XP to restore the target's appearance. (The target creature may also be restored to its original form with a Wish spell cast by a 20th level caster.)
   If a creature who isn't the rightful ruler of Zoom attempts to use the Wand, he or she must roll a Will save (DC12) or fall into a deep sleep that lasts for 12 hours or until a *dispel magic* is cast by a 20th level caster. The saving throw must be rolled every time the Wand is used. In the hands of anyone but the rightful ruler of Zoom, the Wand of Zoom functions like a wand of lightning (12th level effectiveness) with 5 charges. Once the five charges have been spent, the Wand becomes non-functioning until it is once again in the hand of its rightful owner.

The Sorceress using the Wand of Zoom (Art by Don Rico.)
Check out NUELOW Games' Sorceress of Zoom and Sorceress of Zoom: Down to Earth, available at RPGNow and DriveThruComics.

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