Monday, April 29, 2013

W is for Wizard's Bane

Here's another entry in the A to Z April Blogging Challenge... we've been running behind since around 4/15, but we may still may cross the finish-line in a timely fashion! Like most other posts in this series, the material here is presented under the Open Gaming License. If you chose to reproduce it, please give acknowledgement and copyright credit to NUELOW Games and Steve Miller.

 Wizard's Bane (By Steve Miller) 
These small white flowers grow in clumps on rocks, fallen trees, or mossy hills. They are a hardy plant that spreads rapidly, especially in moist and shadowed environments.
   The wizard's bane plant was developed by the decree of King Nazekennezor of Reylar following the infidelity of his first queen with his court wizard. Initially, they were merely planted around the castle and capitol city to make life hard for any arcane spellcasters in the area, but when Nazekeneezor's grandson Neylhir the Brash lost the first campaign against the Wizard-Kings of Harth, the wizard's bane plants were heavily seeded in the border region. Agents were even sent deep into Harth territory to secretly put the plant in forests so it could spread like a weed.
   The wizard's bane flower saps arcane magic from the area around them--in fact, the plant is partially nourished by magic--making spells less effective or completely useless. When the plant was introduced into Harth, the Wizard-Kings found they had to first abandon entire magic academies and send in non-spellusing workers to destroy the plants, because the area became so overgrown and choked by them.

OGL d20 Stats
Wizard's bane flowers grow in clumps of 2d10+10. They suppress arcane magic within a radius equal to 1-foot per flower. When an arcane spellcaster is within the area of effect of wizard's bane, all 0 through 2nd-level spells fail automatically and all other spells are treated as if cast at three levels lower than the caster's actual level.

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