Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Super-Powered ROLF! (Feedback welcomed!)

We're putting the final touches on "Bullets to the Head," a ROLF! superhero battle scenario from the fevered minds of yours truly and L.L. Hundal, with illustrations culled from the wonderful art collections made by DM Studios.

We've incorporated super powers into the game as smoothly and simply as possible--ROLF! is supposed to be quick and easy to play after all--by making them Traits you gain by sacrificing Combat Maneuvers during character creation.

L.L. Hundal's game group had a blast making and beating up Superheroes, but I'm always up for more feedback when it comes to something like this. (Anyone remember my resistance to including Hats in the game? Well, I'm having a similar reaction to these ideas, and I was proven wrong in my knee-jerk conservatism then. Am I hesitating for the wrong reasons yet again... fearing that something will make the game more complex when all it's really doing is making the game more fun? And I am thinking I am completely wrong here, because this is not that much more elaborate than the expanded Mutant trait first presented in "Creature Feature.")

ROLF! players... take a look and speak your minds in the Comments section! This is your chance to impact the game before we put something out. Please play along with us. Pretty please?

A New Trait for ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters
By L.L. Hundal and Steve Miller

Super Power: The character gives up one or more Combat Maneuver slots in exchange for gaining a personal Super Power, or a Super Power granted by Stuff that is worn or weilded. A Super Power increases a character's Brawn or Body by 2 points, in addition to granting one of the following special abilties.

Giving up 2 Combat Maneuver slots gains the character a personal Super Power. He can either increase his Brawn by 2 points, his Body by 2 points, or he can pick one of the following abilities: Flight--Functions like Run Away!, except Flight can't be countered by another character using Run Away!, and the character doesn't leave the fight but can used Ranged Attacks while aloft and he can chose to land and re-engage with Melee Attacks the following round; Super Speed--The character always acts first in the round and he gets to take an extra action at the end of each round, so the combat sequence becomes ABBAA; Super Strength--All melee damage dealt by the character is doubled and all damage suffered is reduced by 1 point.

Giving up 1 Combat Maneuver slot gains the character an item that can be worn or wielded (including a Hat). The item grants Flight, Super Speed, or Super Strength, as described above. The character does not possess the power if he isn't wearing or wielding the item.
Characters can replace up to four Combat Maneuver slots with Super Powers.

Finally, for each Super Power chosen, the character has the chance of gaining a bonus power. The character's player rolls 1d6 and consults the following results: 1. No bonus; 2. +2 Body ATT; 3. +2 Brawn ATT generated by something worn or wielded; 4. Personal and permanent +2 Brawn ATT; 5.Personal and Permanent +1 Brains ATT, including the extra Combat Maneuver slot; 6. Choice of Flight, Super Speed, or Super Strength (generated by Stuff or some food or drink the character must consume for the power to work--the character must carry doses of this with him, and it is considered a Small item).

Major Beefcake awaits his stats!
Illo by Darrel Miller.

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